Hillary Clinton continues to prove she’s just one of us, dancing with Paul McCartney at a fundraiser in the Hamptons Tuesday night before enjoying a sing-along of “Hey Jude” performed by McCartney, Jon Bon Jovi, and Jimmy Buffett.

When we most recently checked in the Jimmy Buffett, he was hanging out with Secretary of State John Kerry at a party in Havana, Cuba, just a couple of days after terrorists bombed the airport and subway in Brussels, Belgium in coordinated suicide attacks.

McCartney and Clinton crossed paths in Cleveland earlier this month, while McCartney was on a tour stop and the Democratic nominee was speaking at something called the “Hillary Clinton Tax Fairness Event,” highlighting Donald Trump’s plan to give large tax breaks to the wealthy.

A member of the press pool managed to copy down the set list, noting that McCartney asked Clinton to dance while Jimmy Buffet played.

Bon Jovi has also been a huge supporter of Hillary Clinton and, strictly coincidentally, will be honored next month at the 10th annual Clinton Global Citizen Awards for his philanthropy.

Just to make sure there wasn’t even the appearance of a conflict of interest, Clinton reportedly plugged her ears during Bon Jovi’s set.

It was reportedly a pretty good haul, considering the price of tickets.

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