The heavy hitters in both traditional and new media have sent a clear message: any question about Hillary Clinton’s health is off the table, and anyone who persists is clearly a conspiracy theorist. The same effort was made to discredit questions about the fatal Benghazi terrorist attack — dude, that was, like, years ago.

Benghazi keeps turning up, though, most recently in 30 “lost” State Department emails that should be released soon. In a promising development, Dylan Byers, CNN senior reporter for media and politics, has announced that asking why Hillary Clinton had emails about Benghazi on her unsecure, home-brew email server is perfectly fair.

Sincerely, we’re glad to hear it, but slamming our heads on the desk really hurt. Does anyone not know the answer to this by now?

Maybe someone (or their children, or grandchildren) could ask Clinton herself at her next press conference. A reporter, maybe?



Clinton’s already answered all the questions she’s going to answer about Benghazi. Not truthfully, but she has answered, using several different excuses. Here are few more if she needs them after this latest batch of emails is released.

Just in case Clinton does feel compelled to hold that mythical press conference …