Newsweek, the magazine that sold for $1 in 2010 (not for a single issue — for the entire company), has really managed to put the weak back into the news. Sure, it’s an opinion piece, but just take a look at the headline that accompanies Nina Burleigh’s piece: “Hillary Clinton Email Furor Reveals Hypocrisy on the Right.”

Not even Clinton herself has described her email scandal as a “furor,” remember? It was just an example of poor judgment for the sake of convenience. It was also just a routine security review.

Of course, the FBI cleared up that the agency doesn’t do “security reviews” — it investigates criminal activity. It also found criminal activity, but decided that no reasonable person would try to prosecute based on the evidence, even as more evidence keeps pouring in via Judicial Watch, WikiLeaks, and the FBI.

So, about that long list. “Saint Colin” Powell is on there, alongside the story that he recommended to Clinton at a dinner party that she use a private email account. Neither he nor Condoleezza Rice recalls that conversation, though, and no one’s stepped up to confirm it.

The rest of the long list includes private email users Sarah Palin, Chris Christie, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker, and Martin O’Malley, and Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney get shout-outs for deleting emails. But which one, exactly, did exactly the same thing as Clinton, only worse?

So, maybe these Republicans didn’t do “exactly” the same thing as Clinton, but you get the point. Each one did essentially the same thing.

Somebody paid a dollar for this?