As Twitchy reported, Arianna Huffington announced earlier this month that she was stepping down as editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post, so (former) op-ed contributor D.G. Seaman is directing his angry tweets today to the wrong person.

Why so angry? Seaman says that HuffPo deleted his posts because they questioned Hillary Clinton’s health, which was a dumb move: the heavy hitters in the media have already established that any doubts the public might harbor about her health are the fruit of a conspiracy theory planted by Donald Trump. She’s perfectly fine, and was even caught on video picking up index cards off a stage floor before opening a jar of pickles on national TV.

Seaman suspects his post questioning this narrative was deleted because it included a link to a video on the Alex Jones site OK, fine. If HuffPo doesn’t want to establish any association with Alex Jones, great; that’s their right. But there doesn’t seem to be any note to that effect, aside from a simple, “Editor’s Note: This post is no longer available on the Huffington Post.” Seaman’s posts are just gone, and he’s been locked out of the site as well.

The pieces do show up in search results, but the posts aren’t there.

Hillary's Health

Was an active contributor, but we’ll get to that.

cc: CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News …

Honestly, a lawyer probably can’t help. But it certainly does seem that HuffPo locked out the contributor they hired and then pulled his posts without telling him or their readership — and the readers noticed.

Maybe Hillary Clinton really is in perfect health, maybe she’s not: but the creeping narrative that even questioning her fitness places one in the “conspiracy theorist” category is disturbing.

Can HuffPo pull Seaman’s pieces on a whim and without notice? Sure, it’s their site … but don’t forget that the posts had to have been published before they were yanked, apparently without explanation — not a good look for the Huffington Post’s editors, especially when the site published a piece the same day on a Conan O’Brien comedy skit showing off Clinton’s superhuman strength, noting that “the question of Hillary Clinton’s health [is] dominating the news cycle.”