Ever since the recent shakeup in his campaign staff, the press always notes if Donald Trump is working from a teleprompter or not at each campaign appearance. More often than not, he is, although he did stray a bit from his prepared remarks Saturday afternoon at Sen. Joni Ernst’s second annual “Roast and Ride.”

In Trump’s prepared remarks on immigration, he was to pledge to begin “swiftly removing criminal illegal immigrants” (a bit redundant, but …) from this country on Day 1 of his first term. Speaking live, though, Trump pushed up his own deadline significantly, saying the process would being in the first hour.

CBS News almost has it right — Trump didn’t actually say they’d be gone within one hour, but rather that the process to round up and deport criminals would start within one hour.

That’s not really the same thing at all, but even allowing for some degree of journalistic malpractice, Trump really seems to have painted himself into another corner. Never mind President Obama’s signing of an executive order during his first month in office requiring that the Guantanamo Bay detention facility be closed within one year; there’s no wiggle room for a Republican candidate.

This was the part of the speech where he was talking specifically about illegal aliens, but whatever.

Wow, that escalated quickly.

It is possible to critique Trump’s pledge as naive without resorting to claims of genocide. He’s counting on law enforcement knowing who the bad guys are and hitting the ground running, but even a President Trump would have to work with Congress and DHS, and nothing in the federal government ever gets done in a day.

Trump’s dreaming when he says he’ll put in motion within one hour the process to deport “criminal” illegal immigrants (thanks for the quotation marks, ABC News). As for Hillary Clinton, she’s all about the dreamers, ’cause she’s dreamy like that.