There’s a perception in flyover country that the coastal elites are out of touch with mainstream America. Sen. Joni Ernst and some special guests (including Donald Trump) attended her second “Roast and Ride” campaign rally in Des Moines, Iowa, Saturday afternoon, and the idea of a pig being roasted at a pig roast really has fascinated some in the media.

James Hohmann, national political correspondent for the Washington Post, seemingly couldn’t get over the fact that there was a pig’s head on display in plain view of the expansive spread of pork on offer at Ernst’s rally.

Only in Iowa? Really?

It might seem unfair to pick on Hohmann for an innocent comment, but it’s become impossible for us to hear “Only in Iowa” and not be reminded of a pig roast held in Ferguson, Mo., a year ago this month, on the anniversary of the shooting of Michael Brown.

Iowa might roast pigs, but demonstrators in Ferguson dressed theirs in a police hat and scrawled “#Darren Wilson” on its side — you know, just in case the metaphor wasn’t clear.

Only in Ferguson?