We’re not looking forward to it, but as Twitchy reported, there are people who’d like to see Rachel Platten’s generic empowerment anthem “Fight Song” replace “Hail to the Chief” when Hillary Clinton ascends to the throne in January.

Supporters tweeted that they have the song playing on repeat all day, and the track seems to have burrowed deeply into the ear canal of Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy spokesperson, who reacted to her speech warning of the “alt-right” Thursday afternoon by setting it to the tune of “Fight Song.” Now Donald Trump’s supporters have their own theme song!

It would be a terrible shame if all of the racial healing that’s taken place over the past eight years were undone. The last thing America needs now is people who would stoke racial strife at any opportunity — something Democrat activists would never do.

Not so fast; let’s hear it.

She’s right; it’s not as good.

Your prize: take the rest of the campaign off.

* * *