Update: With the attack finally over, police say that 14 people were killed, including 7 students, 2 security guards, and 3 police officers, along with two militants who staged the attack. As many as 44 were wounded.

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At least one person has been reported dead and more than 20 injured during an attack on American University in Afghanistan. Many students and professors have managed to escape from the building in Kabul, which has been under siege by gunmen for hours.

The attack reportedly began with a suicide bombing, followed by the sound of gunfire as people in the building took shelter.

Reports say that the CRU (Crisis Response Unit), a special forces unit of the Afghanistan police, is in charge of the operation at the university.

There were reports hours ago that the attack had ended, but the siege is apparently ongoing, as are rescue operations, hours later.

The White House recently issued a statement condemning the terrorist attack.


Recent tweets suggest that some are still trapped inside the university.


The attack seems to be over at last, and although there’s only one confirmed fatality, a security guard at the school, some are claiming as many as six dead.