MSNBC is wrong about a lot of things, but if you were afraid you missed “Campus (DILDO) Carry” day at the University of Texas at Austin, fear not. The event, which is being billed by the Dallas Morning News as possibly the “largest anti-gun rally in Texas history,” will take place Wednesday, so there’s still time to strap on and show your support.

Repeat: The dildo protest is tomorrow.

There have already been protests on campus over the state’s concealed carry law, which went into effect August 1 and will stay that way for the time being, after a federal judge on Monday denied a request by three professors for a preliminary injunction to block the law from taking effect.

Will Campus (DILDO) Carry really be the largest anti-gun rally in Texas history? We’re putting our money on “No.” But 10,000 people have pledged their participation on the event’s Facebook page! So … still no.

If that many people do show up, they’re going to have to share dildos. The Dallas Morning News reports that the event’s organizers have 4,300 toys to distribute, including — pay attention class — “170 ceramic phalluses [artist Janice Weeks] sculpted for her 2003 dissertation.”

* * *