As Twitchy reported, Hillary Clinton apparently implicated former Secretary of State Colin Powell during her interview with the FBI during that whole “security review” the agency was conducting, recalling a dinner party where Powell told her to maintain a personal email address and reserve her official government account for classified materials.

Clinton, of course, would argue that she never sent or received anything marked classified, so it’s all good. Powell, though, didn’t appreciate being dragged into Clinton’s FBI investigation, accusing her campaign of “trying to pin it on me.”

BuzzFeed News reached out to Powell Tuesday and seemed to get his final word on the whole situation, and that final word was “goodbye.”

Powell’s entire exchange with BuzzFeed seems to have gone like this: “I have no further comment. I have no further comment. She was using email long before the so-called dinner and I’m not commenting anymore on it. Goodbye.”

Yeah, Powell isn’t going gently under that Clinton bus. For the record, Condoleezza Rice’s chief of staff told The Daily Caller that Rice has no recollection of any such exchange between Powell and Clinton.

The story goes that Madeleine Albright hosted the dinner party of former secretaries of state and suggested everyone give a piece of advice to Clinton over dessert; if anyone would remember what happened, it ought to be her.

Will Albright step in and clear up this most recent “misunderstanding”? After all …