As Twitchy reported, citizens across the country awoke last week to find an “activist collective” called INDECLINE had erected identical statues of a nude Donald Trump in a handful of cities. Some rushed to grab a selfie before the statues were removed, while others stayed home and poured bleach into their eyes in an attempt to unsee that which cannot be unseen.

That seemed like a lot of work for no apparent benefit other than publicity — we’re pretty sure no one decided to change their vote after seeing Donald Trump nude.

A pair of fully clothed (thank goodness) sculptures of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, though, are slowly beginning to garner national coverage, and they do have a purpose: their sale will benefit the Center for Arts Inspired Learning in Cleveland.

P.S. The sculptures were crafted from gallons of dryer lint.

That hair is actually pretty amazing.

USA Today reports that the Trump sculpture made its debut at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, but Hillary Clinton wasn’t ready in time for the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. It’s complete now, though.

Artist Sandy Buffie posted a YouTube video of the work in progress, making us all feel stupid for just throwing away all of that accumulated dryer lint.