As Twitchy reported, former Secretary of State Colin Powell wasn’t about to be thrown under the bus by Hillary Clinton over her email scandal, even telling People that “her people have been trying to pin it on me.

Powell found himself dragged into Clinton’s email mess last week, when interview notes released by the FBI indicated that Powell had personally advised Clinton to maintain a personal email address.

The scenario, as Clinton described it to the FBI, went like this: at a dinner hosted by another former secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, everyone was asked to offer Clinton “one salient bit of counsel” regarding the job.

Another guest at this dinner was Condoleezza Rice, whom the Daily Caller reports doesn’t recall any such conversation between Powell and Clinton.

The Daily Caller does acknowledge the possibility that Rice simply wasn’t at the table when this conversation took place, though the report by the New York Times suggests that, over dessert, “all of the former secretaries” were asked to give Clinton a bit of advice.

Rice’s current chief of staff told the Daily Caller that Rice isn’t doing media right now, but like Powell, Rice “has no recollection of that conversation either.”

It’s not quite as damning as saying that the Clinton campaign is trying to pin her email woes on someone else, but Rice’s non-recollection certainly doesn’t help Clinton’s case either. No one at that dinner seems to be rushing toward the microphones to back up her story.