Donald Trump reportedly had a wonderful meeting today with Hispanic leaders from around the country. That conference table is YUGE.

These three look pretty happy:

Hold up: Univision said what?

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump plans to present an immigration plan in Colorado Thursday that will include legalizing millions of undocumented immigrants, according to three people present at a meeting the candidate attended Saturday with Hispanic leaders at Trump Tower in New York.

Legalizing millions of undocumented immigrants? But even the “new” Donald Trump who stuck closely to the teleprompter during this week’s campaign stops assured a chanting crowd that he was going to build the wall.

Buzzfeed picked up the story as well.

So Trump didn’t actually use the word “legalization,” but the feeling in the room was that he was hinting at it?

That’s a good point. Buzzfeed and Univision aren’t exactly unbiased: one of Hillary Clinton’s first campaign fundraisers was held at the home of Univision owner Haim Saban. So … is this a flip-flop or not?

And campaign sources have since said that there’s no change in Trump’s stance.

Disclaimer: we weren’t invited, so we’ll have to wait to hear what Trump says on the campaign trail next week.