GOP nominee Donald Trump hosted a private campaign fundraiser at the Minneapolis Convention Center Friday night, where dozens protested forcefully and yelled at Trump supporters attending the event, reported the Star Tribune.

Without a doubt, that was some of the most forceful yelling we’ve seen, as the casual observer watching the linked video on the Star Tribune website might think he was seeing one protester throwing several punches at an attendee until other demonstrators physically restrained him.

Judge for yourself if this counts as “yelling.”

Well, there certainly was a lot of yelling.

Hey, remember when demonstrators rioted outside of a Trump rally in Albuquerque, N.M., injured several officers with rocks, and caused an estimated $10,000 of damage to the convention center? The New York Times referred to that as a “raucous scene,” despite the fact that the police themselves called it a riot on their Twitter feed.

Sure, the Star Tribune did report that, as the evening went on, “a smaller contingent” of protesters in Minneapolis did grow “unruly.”