Details are still scarce, but reports are coming in of a bomb blast at a wedding hall in Gaziantep, Turkey, that has left many dead. The city is near the border of Syria.


The Sun is reporting at least 8 killed and 30 wounded in the blast, which many are reporting was the work of a suicide bomber. The Sun adds that Gaziantep governor Ali Yerlikaya has called the incident a “terrorist attack.”

Not surprisingly, the number of reported casualties has begun to climb.


The death toll is now more than 20 by most reports. The Washington Post is saying that “at least” 22 are dead and another 94 injured.

Suzan Fraser reports:

Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Simsek said the “barbaric” attack in the city of Gaziantep, near the border with Syria, appeared to be a suicide bombing. Other officials said it could have been the carried out by either Kurdish militants or Islamic State group extremists.


At least 30 killed?

Twitchy will update this post as details emerge.