In early July, the Washington Post put together a handy online clock that shows just how long it’s been since Hillary Clinton held a press conference. As of Thursday afternoon, the counter stands at 258 days.

Chris Cillizza did the math and worked out that Clinton hasn’t taken questions from the press in 8.5 months, long enough for a woman to have conceived a child and prepared the nursery for her new arrival.

Come on, indeed. As we’ve said before, just because the media is rooting for Clinton doesn’t exactly mean she has any less disdain for them than Donald Trump does. He, of course, never tires of expressing his dislike of the “crooked media,” while Clinton flat-out ignores any question that might make it past security and into her range of hearing.

It’s much like that promised California debate with Bernie Sanders — it couldn’t possibly benefit her, so why risk it?

What’s depressing is that most Clinton supporters don’t seem to want her to lower herself to acknowledge the media and argue that she’s perfectly right to ignore their questions.

Are Trump’s new campaign hires writing any of this down? Emails, likability … Clinton fans do NOT want these issues addressed.

Sounds like standard operating procedure to us. Just leave her alone until she’s president, and then maybe she’ll take your questions.

No one cares, so stop asking.


No story on Hillary Clinton would be complete without charges of sexism and/or racism, so why doesn’t the Washington Post’s racist tracking tool count the press conference Clinton gave at the joint gathering of the National Association of Black Journalists and National Association of Hispanic Journalists earlier this month?

Racism, obviously. That, or the fact that after a speech, Clinton took questions from the two journalists moderating the conference and then answered questions from three reporters in the audience, two of whom had reportedly been selected ahead of time.

The Clinton campaign’s press secretary, Brian Fallon, sure thought it looked a lot like a press conference.

Reporters, however, did not.

So why the obsession with a presidential candidate who refuses to address questions that haven’t been pre-screened and asked by reporters approved by the campaign?



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