As Twitchy has documented, Hillary Clinton isn’t exactly close with the press. On the night she accepted her party’s nomination, her campaign’s pollster told ABC News, “We’ll have a press conference when we want to have a press conference.

OK, then. And though she does have a pool of reporters following her from campaign stop to campaign stop, video clips suggest they’ve learned by now that any questions they call out will likely be ignored completely.

That changed, sort of, when Clinton was asked Wednesday to respond to questions about her health. Rather than pretend not to hear as usual, she let out a cackle; not quite human speech, but something.

NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell has put us in an awkward position here. As Twitchy reported, Joan Walsh and other liberals on Tuesday night pummeled MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, who certainly looked like a Clinton fan while marching alongside a Hillary for America parade banner, for daring to entertain a serious discussion on the rumors swirling around Clinton’s health.

Now, on Wednesday, Mitchell is in for the same treatment from the Clinton faithful, despite the fact that, right there in her tweet, she dismisses talk of possible health problems as Donald Trump “conspiracy theories” — which is weird, because that certainly sounds like her voice in the video clip asking simply, “Can you tell us how your health is?” Critics must have missed that conspiracy theory bone thrown to them.

Wow: so now Maureen Dowd, Chris Matthews, and Andrea Mitchell are apparently in the tank for Donald Trump. Tough crowd this year.

Of course, some caught on to Mitchell’s passing of the buck to Trump — his relentless, outrageous attacks forced her to broach the taboo subject, or she wouldn’t have felt compelled to ask.