It looks like former liberal darling Maureen Dowd, who was recently sent to the doghouse for suggesting that Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy makes her the perfect Republican candidate, will have some company very soon.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, photographed in 2015 marching alongside a Hillary Clinton campaign banner in an Independence Day parade, is in big trouble after entertaining a discussion on the state of Hillary Clinton’s health, because questioning a presidential candidate’s fitness is inappropriate and wholly unprecedented.

Why is MSNBC still giving Matthews airtime? Some mysteries have no answer.

Hey, enough with the drug shaming. We’re beyond that now; even President Obama joked at this year’s #nerdprom about how high he was in college.

Hold up a second; we haven’t gotten to that post yet:

What were we talking about again? How outrageous it is to question a candidate’s health?

Wait … so we are talking about Clinton’s health as a serious issue?

Just a working POTUS at this point would be nice.