This is getting interesting. Hillary Clinton might have skated past a Justice Department indictment on her, um, unorthodox email setup and careless handling of classified information, but the House Oversight Committee is keeping the pressure on, turning its focus to the Democratic nominee’s interview with the FBI.

Clinton wasn’t under oath during questioning, and she has since earned a “Pants on Fire” rating for her claim that FBI director James Comey said her answers to the FBI’s questions were truthful. On Tuesday, the FBI turned over its interview notes to Congress.

We, the public, won’t get to see them, though, because they’re chock full of classified information. Maybe President Obama misspoke when he explained to Chris Wallace that “there’s classified, and then there’s classified.”

Clinton has demonstrated a tendency to ignore reporters who are trying to interrupt her meaningful interactions with voters, and it turns out that even NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell, hardly a hostile presence, couldn’t get her to respond to questions about the release of her interview notes.

If that’s the case, there wouldn’t seem to be any harm in telling Mitchell personally, “As I’ve said previously, I want all the notes made public, so of course I’m glad they’ve been turned over.”

Maybe she’ll address questions at her next press conference? In the meantime, Rep. Elijah Cummings is once again running defense.

While we wait for that report, here’s a video the House Oversight Committee put together to help pass the time.

Spoiler: Yes, they were.