As Twitchy reported earlier, an attorney representing a sailor who faces more than six years in prison for taking six photos of a submarine’s propulsion system will ask for his client to serve probation, citing the leniency shown to Hillary Clinton following an FBI investigation into her “extremely careless” handling of classified emails.

The line to claim the new Hillary Clinton standard of criminal justice has begun to form. Now WikiLeaks has announced that it will ask Attorney General Loretta Lynch to drop the Justice Department’s case against WikiLeaks, citing the precedent set with the decision not to indict Clinton.

It’s not that easy, guys.

Even then … the only reason Lynch didn’t kick Bill Clinton straight off her plane was because it was more than 100 degrees out, Clinton’s 69 and has a history of heart problems, and her security detail was by her side to ensure nothing unethical took place.

They were never alone, right Betty?