Can you feel the electricity in the air? After continuing his exhaustive search for ISIS on America’s finest golf courses, President Obama took time from his summer vacation Monday evening to do a little fundraising on Martha’s Vineyard.

Partial press coverage? That’s awfully unusual for a political fundraiser, isn’t it? Aren’t they usually closed to the press?

It might sound crazy, but it’s almost as if the Hillary Clinton campaign would rather let President Obama do her campaigning for her. While he’s been consistently popular, Clinton is another story, even admitting during her historic acceptance speech in Philadelphia that she has likability issues: “I get it … some people just don’t know what to make of me,” she confessed.

Even the president himself, while raking in the cash for her campaign, admitted that the most qualified candidate in history isn’t the “flashiest.”


Well, at least part of that is true. Sure, Benghazi was a spectacular failure of leadership, but when the pressure gets really tough, Clinton will step up to the challenge, guaranteed. That, or she’ll throw up her hands and ask what difference it makes.

The president then turned his attention to Clinton’s opponent who shall not be named.