Today’s headlines, brought to you months ago by Twitchy:

Comedian Larry Wilmore was a hit with President Obama at what he referred to as “Negro Night,” (also known as the White House Correspondents Dinner), though his act didn’t exactly evoke raucous laughter from the (primarily white) audience of journalists and their celebrity guests. He did, however, inspire an online debate over whether it was OK to refer to the president using the “n-word” (let alone, “Yo, Barry”).

As of Friday, people will need to refer to Wilmore as the former host of Comedy Central’s “The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore.” The network announced the show’s cancellation Monday, noting that Wilmore had lost more than half the audience he inherited from Stephen Colbert.

Is there any other possible explanation, aside from the plummeting ratings and laugh deficit?

But seriously, folks: if sharply declining ratings led Comedy Central to pull the plug on a black progressive comedian roasting conservative politicians on a network whose prime-time lineup consists of nothing but comedians roasting conservative politicians, it’s going to be tough to pin the blame on those racist right-wingers.

The Guardian’s giving it a shot, attributing Comedy Central’s decision to ax the show to the “cocktail party vibes of the competition” and “our reluctance to discuss race” — because if there’s ONE topic Americans haven’t broached over the past eight years, it’s race.

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