This weekend marks the eighth annual RedState Gathering, held in Denver, Colo., and featuring speakers from Glenn Beck to John Bolton to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. Not in attendance: Donald Trump, who was disinvited from the 2015 gathering after his comments about Megyn Kelly’s performance as a debate moderator.

Among Saturday’s speakers was Carly Fiorina, who received a standing ovation from a packed house. Word is that Fiorina might be angling to become the next chair of the Republican National Committee, but on Saturday, her focus was on November, and from the beginning, she took the fight to Hillary Clinton.

Nice. Let’s hear that one again.

Admit it: Even though Trump is the nominee, you’d still like to see Fiorina debate Clinton.

It was a continual struggle for Fiorina to advance from the “kids’ table” during the GOP debates, but no one doubted her ability as a speaker at #RSG16.

Too true. Fiorina went after Planned Parenthood hard, but by that time, those undercover videos showing people haggling over the price of organs had been “discredited” — Planned Parenthood declared it so, after all — and the media breathed a sigh of relief and moved on.

She’s no Reince Priebus, so she has that in her favor.