As Twitchy reported, Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh, N.C., was placed on lockdown Saturday afternoon after police responded to a report of a shot or shots fired inside the mall.

ABC 11 in Raleigh reports that multiple eyewitnesses said there was a shooting in the mall’s food court. One person told the AP that he saw a man pull a gun during a fight in the mall’s food court and that he heard as many as four shots fired.

However, police aren’t yet certain that there was a shooting at all. No one is in custody, and no gunshot injuries were reported, although eight people suffered minor injuries in the rush to evacuate the mall.

Police aren’t saying for certain that there was no shooting, but now that the building has been cleared and investigators have been able to perform an initial sweep, it doesn’t look like they’ve turned up evidence that shots were fired.

An Instagram video that reportedly captured the sound of gunfire has been making the rounds on social media. We have our own thoughts, but listen for yourself. Gunfire?

Again, police are still investigating. However, there have been incidents, such as one at the Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento, Calif., in 2012 and another at the International Mall in Tampa, Fla., in 2014, where a shopping center was evacuated only for police to determine that no shots were fired. In one case, police believe a sign was knocked over during a fight and many mistook the sound for a gun.

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According to a tweet from ABC News, police have confirmed that there were no gunshots fired. However, the linked article reads, “Police said hours later they were investigating but hadn’t confirmed whether any shots had been fired.”

Twitchy will update this post with any developments.