The emails that the State Department did allow to trickle out in monthly batches provided some insight into what it was like to work for the “often confused” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Some days she might email asking you to call an aide to fetch her iced tea, or show her how to work the fax machine, of find out if the hotel had sent up her special breakfast.

Not every errand Clinton delegated to her staff was quite so trivial, though. CNN reported Thursday that chief of staff Cheryl Mills was dispatched to New York City in 2012 to interview candidates for a top job at the Clinton Foundation.

Of course, the Clinton campaign considers that story of no consequence and insists that Mills paid her own way to New York and volunteered her time to the charitable foundation. Still, on her appointment to the post of secretary of state, Clinton had assured all involved that she would do nothing that could “create conflicts or the appearance of conflicts” of interest — so much for that second promise.

CNN added that the “top-level executives Mills would interview for the big job at the Clinton Foundation worked at Pfizer and WalMart — companies that have been huge donors to Foundation, and have worked with the Clinton Global Initiative.”

Sorry, CNN: this is a big yawner.

OK, how about this one? The Daily Caller reported this week that a chain of emails uncovered by Citizens United shows that Mills helped steer oil company money to an Abu Dhabi bank owned by a long-time Clinton family friend and Clinton Foundation donor. That doesn’t sound like charity work.

The Daily Caller adds that the transaction was complicated but not necessarily unique, reporting that “the Department of State estimates the number of emails between Hillary’s top State Department staff and Clinton Foundation officials includes more than 12,000 separate communications.”

And how about the allegation that Mills lied under oath when she claimed to have no recollection of a 2012 Freedom of Information Act request for documentation of the email accounts Clinton used for official communication?

As Twitchy reported Wednesday, reporters at the daily briefing asked the State Department’s Elizabeth Trudeau why Mills didn’t respond correctly to the FOIA request in the first place.

“Yeah. It’s a good question,” Trudeau answered. “I don’t have an answer for you.”