Here’s a story we’ve been sitting on deliberately for a couple of days, but the dust now seems to have settled enough that a clear picture has emerged of a shooting in Ferguson, Mo., Tuesday night at a gathering to remember Michael Brown on the second anniversary of his death.

Two days and several deep breaths later, the scenario looks like this. According to Yahoo News, one protester in the street was struck by a car. The driver has turned herself in, and police believe it was an accident, which isn’t hard to believe, seeing as it was dark, the street was open to traffic, and the man appeared to be standing in the road. Video of the incident was caught from at least two angles.

Here it is, in case you haven’t seen it. Note that it is graphic, and that there’s a lot of very loud screaming and (bleeped) profanity; the sound of the car hitting the protester is far more gruesome than the visual.

Another video seems to show the driver turning around in a McDonald’s parking lot, and sensibly speeding off once gunshots rung out.

The woman driving the car has cooperated with police, who are now looking for the person or persons who opened fire as she drove off. They have released photos of the car involved showing the bullet holes. The woman was not injured, and the man whom she hit? His condition hasn’t been confirmed, as he was put in the back of a private car and driven away.


Despite the chaos, reports that someone was injured by gunfire turned out to be false, and no arrests have been made.


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