Word is the Secret Service had a little talk with Donald Trump’s campaign about his comments Tuesday that seemingly everyone in America interpreted as an assassination threat.

The Secret Service did more than talk on Wednesday, though. For the second time, a protester from the animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere tried to jump the barrier at a Hillary Clinton campaign event, sending Secret Service agents into action.

Protesters from the same group also tried to climb the barrier separating them from Clinton at a rally on August 4. After Secret Service agents took care of that threat, Clinton turned the security breach back onto Trump, saying the demonstrators were actually protesting him, because “Trump and his kids have killed a lot of animals.”

So: the father of Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen managed to find a prime spot behind Clinton at her rally in Kissimmee, Fla., Monday night, apparently without the campaign’s knowledge, and now protesters from Direct Action Everywhere have managed to repeat the same stunt they pulled a week ago.

Clinton probably should be concerned for her safety, but it looks like her security team should focus on loony leftist groups first: for proof, just check out the protesters outside the Democratic National Convention who carried a prop casket through the streets.

Um, ask them? It seems very likely the Secret Service would have asked the protesters a few questions after tackling them. Or, just check the group’s Twitter feed — it appears they aren’t willing to give Clinton a free pass for being kind of progressive on humane farming.

Here’s the world’s worst-kept secret: read the signs at any protest march or start reading the agenda of any progressive group and eventually you’ll end up at a call for an overhaul of the government as it exists in favor of some from of socialism. One goal of Direct Action Everywhere: to “create a system of global citizenship to give animals representation in trans-national, trans-ecological governance.”

Sounds pretty fringe, right? Don’t forget the recent article in Outside magazine about the growing movement in the U.S. “to imbue land, rivers, and entire ecosystems with legal personhood status.

And who’s more likely to take these aggrieved groups seriously and give them what they want?


Here’s video showing the protester being tackled. It’s not the best angle, but it does show just how close the protester made it to the podium.