Cenk Uygur, host of the progressive TV show The Young Turks, certainly was never a Donald Trump fan, but he might have won the award for first public figure to demand that Trump withdraw from the race over his comments over “the Second Amendment people” doing something about President Hillary Clinton appointing anti-gun rights judges to the Supreme Court.

Clinton’s campaign didn’t waste any time responding to Trump, although even her campaign manager didn’t suggest that Trump should withdraw over his remark.

Trump’s camp was just as quick to explain that, once again, the candidate had been taken out of context. There’s no doubt whatsoever that journalists are guilty of taking a Trump sound bite and running with it (e.g., “She’s the devil”), but this one really doesn’t sound good any way you spin it.

Or, it might do nothing. That sound bite is probably being worked into TV ads right now.

Here’s a question: Why, exactly, are the media and public so quick to equate “Second Amendment people” with death threats and gun violence? This would be a great time for gun rights groups to turn the spotlight back on who’s been doing the actually shooting in America lately.

Just how quickly has this escalated? A Democrat super PAC is already calling for Trump to be arrested over his remark.

Here’s some really good advice.


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