Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) is one of the most vocal anti-gun politicians out there — and we do mean, out there. After the son of the guy at Hillary Clinton’s Kissimmee rally shot up a gay nightclub in Orlando, Murphy led a nearly 15-hour filibuster on gun control.

After that display, Murphy offered his new strategy for countering those Second Amendment people: blame the GOP for selling guns to ISIS.  By not agreeing to the Democrats’ gun control demands, see, Republicans and the NRA essentially sold Omar Mateen the gun that he used to shoot up the Pulse nightclub.

Now, as social media loses its collective mind over Donald Trump’s aside about “Second Amendment people” doing something to stop Hillary Clinton from appointing anti-gun rights judges to the Supreme Court, Murphy gave further proof that he really, really has no time for you gun nuts out there.

Again, this is the Senator whose response to an Islamic extremist’s deadly attack on a soft target was to hold a filibuster over gun control. Unfortunately, he’s not alone in assuming Trump was calling for gun rights supporters to shoot the Democratic nominee.

Truth be told, anything is way worse than what Sarah Palin did, but Democrats decided not only that “violent rhetoric” had to be policed, but that they would determine when rhetoric has crossed the line into violence.

Why does no one seem to remember the riots (yes, the police themselves termed them riots) outside Trump rallies in the Southwest, where police were injured with rocks and flaming debris while anti-Trump protesters did $10,000 of property damage? No one was shot, so it might as well not have happened — no news there.

Party of SCIENCE!

We can get on board with this. He’s certainly being called out on his statement — but why does he keep serving up these microwave-ready asides on a platter to a media that is hungry to destroy him or any GOP candidate? And again, how is “Second Amendment people” equivalent to unstable people with unhinged hatred?