As tempting as it is to put assassination threat in quotation marks in reference to Donald Trump’s remarks at a rally Tuesday, a scan of social media suggests the entire American population has come to the consensus that the words “Second Amendment people” were clearly meant to incite gun violence against Hillary Clinton.

Yes, both the FBI and Secret Service are aware of Trump’s comments.

Obviously the Secret Service was aware of the comments, as agents are assigned to protect both Clinton and Trump. It doesn’t look as though Clinton has been whisked off to a safe house, although some have sprung into action without a second’s hesitation.

Wow, fundraising off of an assassination threat, and so soon? Not really; note how the letter quotes the same words that so many interpret as a death threat but then stops short, simply calling Trump’s remarks “unacceptable.”

Who’s old enough to remember when a chant of “Lock her up” was enough to send reporters into fainting spells?