Chelsea Clinton, who seemed to have such a lucrative future doing sporadic feel-good stories for NBC News, was reduced to a series of caveman-like grunts Tuesday on learning that Earth Overshoot Day came early this year.

In case you weren’t familiar with it, Earth Overshoot Day marks the date each year when the human race has used up more of the planet’s resources than it can replenish by year’s end.

Last year Earth Overshoot Day landed on August 13, but crept up a few days in 2016 to land on August 8, meaning that for the rest of the year, humans will be living on resources “borrowed from the future.” It sounds a lot like America’s national debt, except that progressives and Democrats actually care about this number.

Clinton’s tweet managed to catch people’s eye not for the level of environmental paranoia, but for the word “allotted.”

Not God, certainly; we saw how Democrats reacted in 2012 when the party tried to sneak God back into the official platform.

Earth Overshoot Day probably could have been pushed back to November had all the private flights to global climate conferences been canceled …along with Hillary Clinton’s chartered round-trip flights to her $225,000 speaking engagements … and Bill Clinton’s contractual demand that a private jet fly him 70 miles to give a speech?


* * *