As Twitchy reported Saturday, Australian basketballer Andrew Bogut added architecture critic to his resume when he kicked off the #IOCLuxuryLodging hashtag, giving Olympic athletes and journalists a place to collect their reviews of the Olympic Village housing.

When he’s not busy assembling furniture, Bogut also answers followers’ questions about life in Rio.

That’s not good … especially considering athletes might not even have trash cans. Photos from the Chinese athletes showed them taping a plastic grocery bag to the side of the sink (which slipped out of the vanity and shattered) to use as a trash can.

There were rumors that the plumbing wasn’t up to the job of housing the world’s athletes, but they can’t even flush toilet paper? Is Bogut serious?

Apparently so.

Jeff Seidel of the Detroit Free Press wrote about his experience in Rio:

… I tried to flush the toilet. And it took four flushes. Try as it might, my toilet just couldn’t handle the toilet paper.

I read the note again and found that it actually says: “Please do not throw toilet paper in the toilet.”

Then I saw the same note at the rowing venue, as well as at the media center. Maybe they are being serious.

This presents all kinds of problems. If you don’t put the toilet paper in the toilet, where do you put it? I don’t want to get too specific, but that gets into some icky stuff.

Help was to have been on the way, but considering every room in the Olympic Village seems to be in the same condition, 600 plumbers and electricians might not be enough.