Didn’t President Obama say something about cutting short his tour of Europe to rush back to America and bring us all together? Any chance of him rushing back from his summer vacation on Martha’s Vineyard for another group hug? Things are getting ugly.

As Twitchy reported this morning, a vandal was caught on video spray-painting a swastika on a woman’s Trump sign in McKinnley, Texas Saturday night. Around 1 a.m. Sunday, someone was busy on Staten Island, setting fire to a red, white, and blue “T” that  Sam Pirozzolo had on display in his yard.

Pirozzolo told CBS New York that he and his family were asleep inside when someone set fire to the custom-made sculpture, which has been on display on his lawn since May.

In true Donald Trump form, he says that he and the original artist are going to get to work constructing a replacement that’s even bigger — maybe they can find the arsonist and get him to pay for it.


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