Through a statement issued by John Podesta Monday night, Hillary Clinton agreed to the schedule of three debates with GOP opponent Donald Trump, expressing the campaign’s concern that Trump was “already engaged in shenanigans” around the debates.

Hold on a second … now the Clinton campaign isn’t interested in bargaining around debates? Wasn’t it Hillary Clinton who was so outraged that her primary opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders, had run a negative ad against her that she demanded he change his tone as a condition of any future debates? Let’s look back to this March:

Then, in May, Sanders again challenged Clinton to honor her agreement to hold a debate before the California primary, which Fox News offered to host. The Clinton campaign responded with a statement saying Hillary Clinton’s time was better spent meeting with voters.

Things certainly seem to have changed now that Clinton is enjoying a comfortable lead in the polls.

Things certainly have changed since May, haven’t they?

Maybe Clinton could warm up for the debates by holding a press conference or two and taking questions?

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