As Twitchy reported Friday, it wasn’t quite the press conference for which reporters have been waiting nearly 250 days, but Hillary Clinton did speak before a group of African American and Hispanic journalists and addressed her comments on the FBI’s findings into her emails.

Clinton’s televised claim that FBI Director James Comey had declared her answers regarding her “extremely careless” handling of emails truthful earned the Democrat nominee four Pinocchios from the Washington Post and a “PANTS ON FIRE!” rating from PolitiFact. On Friday, she explained away that controversy by claiming that she may have “short circuited” when answering Fox News’ Chris Wallace.

Donald Trump wasn’t about to let that go and responded on Twitter Saturday.

Fair enough. He’s not going to stop there, though, is he?

That should be an interesting campaign stop. At rallies in Des Moines and Green Bay Friday, Trump had a few other choice words for Clinton. The Hill reports that the GOP nominee deemed her “unhinged,” “unstable,” “unbalanced,” and “a monster.”

Something tells us Trump’s leap from short-circuited to “brainwashed” isn’t going to go over well with those wishing he would rein it in a little bit. If only the media would react so quickly to the many, many, many times Clinton has been caught “misspeaking” as they do to a tweet from Trump.

Hillary Clinton lies continuously, but she certainly wasn’t brainwashed; that would suggest her single-minded pursuit of power at others’ expense originated somewhere else but in her very own head. Her followers, on the other hand …

This sounds about right:

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