The Donald Trump outrage of the moment  (it might change in the time it takes to read this post) centers on Trump’s claim to have seen video shot by Iran of $400 million worth of cash being unloaded from a plane in Tehran.

Not a bad point, but it doesn’t really help the administration’s claim that the secret cash delivery via an unmarked plane had nothing to do the release of four Americans.

We get it — the tape doesn’t exist and Trump is delusional. The Daily Beast’s Olivia Nuzzi took things a step further, inviting followers to play, “What if Hillary had said it?”

Nothing good will ever come to Hillary Clinton by invoking her name anywhere near the word “video.”

At least in Hillary Clinton’s case a video really did exist, although just about everything else about her Benghazi story has been proved to have been a lie. In fact, rather than videos that don’t exist, Clinton’s problem seems to be video that does exist but doesn’t match her much more colorful recollections of events.

Crazy is pretty harsh; let’s go with the words of her closest aide, who described her in an email as “often confused.”

A welcome bouquet … OF SNIPER FIRE. But seriously, imagine the media outrage if Clinton went on TV and lied repeatedly about the FBI investigation into her emails. Or if CBS cut from its “60 Minutes” broadcast the bit where she claimed to have heard nothing about the leak of DNC emails that managed at long last to pry Debbie Wasserman Schultz from her position as chair of the Democrat Party.