Back in May, after Donald Trump broached the subject on an episode of “Hannity,” the Washington Free Beacon brought to the public’s attention what sounded like an NBC News exclusive: Juanita Broaddrick’s claim that Bill Clinton had raped her had been discredited. The soundbite made waves on social media, as no one else could seem to remember that happening.

On Tuesday, the Free Beacon noted that NBC News had quietly scrubbed the line from its video archive. Rather than follow the State Department’s lead and blame a “glitch” for the missing bit of video, NBC News added an editor’s note admitting that the video had been edited.

Not able to help themselves, apparently, NBC News added in its note that although it had cut the word “discredited” from its piece, questions had been raised about Broaddrick’s account.

Of course, the editor’s note was added only after the Free Beacon had published its piece on the stealth edit.

Even though Hillary Clinton shot an ad saying that victims of sexual assault have a right to be heard and believed, maybe Broaddrick is like Benghazi mother Patricia Smith and “may not fully recall” what she experienced. Fortunately, Broaddrick is giving the media elite another opportunity to raise questions about her account.

Hey Hillary, put some of your hot sauce on that.

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