This tweet doesn’t quite reach the level of trigger warning, but sometimes the public has to see the horror and devastation left by a terrorist attack in order to fully comprehend the depths violent extremists are capable of reaching.

Did we say terrorist attack? Sorry; we meant to say Donald Trump campaign rally.

It’s true that the Times rarely runs profanity; golly gee whiz, the paper of impeccable manners still refers to The Donald as Mr. Trump, for goodness sake. And it’s also true that Trump supporters have chanted vitriolic slogans at campaign events and even resorted to naughty language, which we’re not attempting to excuse.

Hearing about violent language at Trump rallies, though, reminded us immediately of campaign stops this spring in California and New Mexico, which the New York Times covered under the headline, “Protesters Throw Rocks at Police Horses Outside Trump Rally in Albuquerque.” That’s not all, though: protesters also burned Trump merchandise in the street, lit debris on fire and threw it at police, injured several officers with rocks, and caused an estimated $10,000 of damage to the convention center.

Albuquerque police themselves referred to the protest as a riot on their official Twitter feed, while the New York Times went with “raucous scene” instead, before turning its attention to Trump’s attacks on Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton for the remainder of the article.

In San Jose, video of another “raucous scene” clearly shows anti-Trump demonstrators pelting a rally attendee with eggs and chasing down another and sucker-punching him from behind, drawing more than a little blood.

They also threw traffic cones at police, burned a flag or two, and, according to a reporter on the scene, “punched out [and] knocked a pregnant lady to the ground.” Even MSNBC’s Christopher Hayes declared it “despicable mob violence.”

All of this can be seen on video archived at the links above, but be warned: the rioters used some bad words while assaulting citizens and throwing rocks at the cops.