As part of its recent debunking of the war on cops, Think Progress provided a helpful chart showing that more fishermen and loggers die on the job than police. It’s a thought-provoking take to be sure, but it’s hard to ignore recent stories of police being targeted for death because they’re police.

Tonight is National Night Out, an annual community-building event where citizens and police meet and socialize. This morning, though, police in Salem, Mass., stopped two men who they allege tried to intimidate them by making reference to recent shootings of law enforcement officers.

New England Cable News reports that Kelvin Mendoza and Emanuel Rodriguez-Shonyo were arraigned on gun and drug charges Tuesday after being pulled over for a traffic violation in Salem.

In their report, police said that a very hostile and antagonistic Mendoza jumped out of the car and started shouting obscenities at the officers and making references to cops being shot all over the country.

Prosecutors say police found a loaded rifle and handgun during a search of the car. Rodriguez-Shonyo, police added, had been monitoring police with a cell phone app to hear exactly where officers were located.

Our best wishes for a peaceful National Night Out for police and citizens alike all over the country.