It wasn’t even a month ago when Secretary of State John Kerry told CNN that the recent rash of terrorist attacks was proof that ISIS was on the run.

Those words have come back to haunt Kerry more than a few times since then, and deservedly so: a map obtained by NBC News shows that the White House was recently briefed on the global expansion of ISIS. Either that, or there’s a really big typo at the top of this slide.

Even the ever-tactful Jake Tapper told Kerry, “I’m not sure it looks that way to the public.”

CBS News’ Mark Knoller noted last week that during a briefing on terrorism after his much lauded appearance at the Democratic National Convention, President Obama directed that pressure be stepped up on the battlefield, where citizens have been assured the United States has no boots on the ground.

The president has since squeezed in some golf, a birthday “pre-celebration” at Camp David, the renaming of a post office, and a DNC fundraiser in Atlanta, but once everyone’s settled in after summer break, he’ll devote his full attention to his several No. 1 priorities.

And defeating ISIS, of course.