Even before this juicy tidbit hit social media, just about every pundit had put the finishing touches on his or her “Trump Has Worst Week Ever” column, citing everything from his war of words with Khizr Khan to his poll numbers to his “lashing out” at a crying baby.

The narrative wouldn’t be complete, though, without some insider dirt. Surely enough, a longtime ally of Donald Trump’s campaign manager came through Tuesday night, letting it slip that staffers in the bunker were downright suicidal. Even the quote itself sounds like an emergency telegraph sent from the Titanic.

Wow, that’s bad. Or not so bad — the tweet racked up more than 3,000 likes in 90 minutes. But is it true?

Another anonymous source confirms that the first anonymous source is telling it like it is.

People already suspected things were bad, as the campaign has gone through staff shakeups before. On Monday night, word spread that two of the last remaining holdovers from Ben Carson’s campaign team had been let go. And it would be difficult to argue that Trump’s surrogates have done him many favors with their attempts to help him out of the trap he stumbled into after the Democratic National Convention.


Slightly less harsh, but still harsh.

If true?

Trump’s senior communications advisor is still smiling, at least in his Twitter avatar.