As Twitchy reported Monday night, journalists’ ears perked up when Donald Trump, speaking at a rally in Columbus, Ohio, literally uttered the words “She’s the devil” (metaphorically speaking) in reference to Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s words sent shockwaves through social media, although a quick review of the video showed that all Trump was suggesting was that Bernie Sanders had made a deal with the devil (Clinton, that is) and got nothing but a bad case of buyer’s remorse in return. (To be honest, the Berners did manage to drag the official Democrat Party platform several steps to the left during the drafting process; that’s no small feat, considering Sanders isn’t even a Democrat.)

It looks like the Clinton campaign had the good sense to pass on giving Trump’s out-of-context quote any more attention, not that journalists didn’t try. The Daily Beast gave it a shot.

So, the Clinton campaign isn’t expressly denying that she’s Satan?