Reporters likely attend Donald Trump rallies in hopes of catching the GOP nominee saying something outrageous, and he rarely disappoints. So quite a few ears perked up at a campaign stop Monday night when Trump was heard calling Hillary Clinton “the devil.”

It’s true: Trump literally uttered the words “she’s the devil” in a purely metaphorical sense. But those were his words.

Older readers of the Daily Mail’s print version will certainly appreciate the all-caps rendering of SHE’S THE DEVIL, but it wasn’t necessary. Really, it wasn’t.

Had to check? It’s a shame that journalists covering the rally fell asleep during story time and were roused from their naps by the buzz, but let’s go to the video.

As much as the Trump campaign would love for this story to push the Khizr Khan debacle off of the front pages, it really doesn’t deserve to. The Clinton campaign might respond with a tweet, PolitiFact might even check into the claim, but anyone who watches the video can see that Trump was simply employing a metaphor: Bernie Sanders made a deal with the devil, and the devil in that scenario was Hillary Clinton.

Trump has provided plenty of material for criticism, but “SHE’S THE DEVIL” will look so good across the cover of the New York Daily News tomorrow morning. Taken in context, though, he has a point (this time).

Anyone who saw the expression on Sanders’ face on the closing night of the Democratic National Convention as Clinton gave him a shout-out from the stage shouldn’t have any problem following Trump’s line of reasoning here. Does this look like the face of anything but buyer’s remorse?

Just for laughs, a reporter should ask Hillary Clinton if she really is the devil sometime during her next press conference, not that there’s a chance in hell she’ll have one before November.