There were no Greek columns in sight, but that doesn’t mean that the Democrat National Convention wasn’t a masterwork of staging. We’ve already seen the instructions letting Hillary Clinton’s delegates know which chant to break into to drown out each of the chants of the Bernie Sanders fans, but one of the funniest/creepiest moments of the DNC’s final night could be heard over the PA system inside Wells Fargo Center.

The cable news networks missed out, but C-SPAN viewers were treated to live audio throughout the day, including what sounded like every flight attendant ever giving careful instructions on how to get the most out of the card stunt and Katy Perry performance. The robotic voice (not Hillary’s) did stop short of instructing participants to secure their own card before assisting others, but that’s about it.

Obviously the printed instructions weren’t enough to ensure a flawless performance that would be the highlight of Friday’s news cycle.

Totally worth it:

We’re guessing rock and roll animal Tim Kaine was plenty familiar with the good old days of concert-going when you’d hold up a lighter, but for those new to the live music experience, careful instructions were given on the proper way to react spontaneously to Katy Perry’s performance.

Good job, good effort.

Probably better that the crowd was coached on how to react, now that we’ve seen this loop about a million times: