Each night of the Democratic National Convention, the media has made note of each headliner’s attempt to “humanize” Hillary Clinton, who’s been in the public eye for a quarter-century. Thursday night it was her daughter Chelsea’s turn to give her a likability makeover.

For good measure, the candidate herself batted cleanup and tackled the dirty deed head on. You might know her for her Humor and Heart™ (or not), or for her wonkish heart, but do you know the real Hillary Clinton? Let her have one more crack at it.

The struggle is real.

Haven’t they broadcast about 100 videos this week alone detailing her lifetime of accomplishments, on top of testimonials from character witnesses like her husband, daughter, and the president?

Based on the book, “It Takes a Village.”

Make fun of her robotic delivery if you must, but at least acknowledge that she has the skills and experience to clean up the mess left by the previous administration.


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