While reporters are beginning to notice the number of American flags popping up around the periphery of the stage at the Democratic National Convention after people took note of its absence on opening day, Fox News host Greta Van Susteren on Thursday spotted a Mexican flag being waved in the upper deck of the Wells Fargo Center.

We haven’t spotted any flags from Western Europe, now that we think of it, although a couple of Palestinian flags were spotted in the crowd earlier in the week. They might not have stood out so much if a few people besides the pyromaniacs outside had thought to bring American flags to Philadelphia.

There are a few photos of the same woman waving the Mexican flag from the upper deck, although she did express her love of the United States by complementing Mexico’s colors with American flag pants, so that’s something.


President Obama noted Wednesday night that in his vision of America, people of every party, every background, and every faith pledge allegiance under the same proud flag. It would be nice if that were reflected in Philadelphia, where Mississippi’s flag was taken down to appease demonstrators who then flew the Soviet flag, the Palestinian flag, and even the North Korean on the streets.

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