No, the term “gaysian” isn’t new. You don’t have to take our word for it, but you might not want to Google it from your work computer.

Wednesday, though, might have marked the first time the word was uttered from the stage at a party’s national convention. Rep. Mark Takano of California introduced himself as a proud gaysian in Philadelphia, which led more than a few reporters to prick up their ears.

It’s not really mainstream (yet), but now we’re wondering if it’s supposed to capitalized or not. Is it safe for non-gay, non-Asians to use, or would that be considered offensive? The Associated Press Style Manual is no help at all here.

No, that doesn’t look right. We’ll stick with lowercase.

A great moment in history, no doubt. Watch your step at the DNC, people — you might slip in the unicorn tears shed by die-hard Bernie Sanders supporters and cut yourself on all of the glass ceilings that have been shattered this week.

It’s pretty clear that Democrats and Republicans aren’t the same; they might share bathrooms, but they still insist on holding their own conventions. Plus, Republicans don’t seem as concerned about publicizing their diversity, like the time Valerie Jarrett excitedly tweeted that she’d added the very first openly transgender White House liaison to her team. Where did we put those “Good for You!” stickers?

No wonder Democrats are so excited to nominate longtime LGBT champion Hillary Clinton, after watching President Obama casually pass up his opportunity to nominate “a black lesbian from Skokie” to fill the vacancy in the Supreme Court.


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