Hillary Clinton this week will likely repeat her belief in building bridges, not walls, from behind a security wall erected around the podium at the Democratic National Convention, being held this week at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center, which has been enclosed within an 8-foot security fence for the occasion.

On Tuesday night, hordes of demonstrators pushed up against police and banged on the fence, “Walking Dead” style, until a few decided to join the hot new trend of scaling it and then dropping into the sea of law enforcement on the opposite side.

Among those making the climb was a 69-year-old woman from California who thought it would be worth the $50 citation to stick it to the man. Philadelphia Magazine reports that the Secret Service was not amused, though. There was a former president in town Tuesday night, after all.

Victor Fiorillo reports:

Anna Marie Sternberg was one of four people arrested by the United States Secret Service after they climbed over the fence around 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday night, some requiring help by officers on the other side on the way down. Sternberg and the others were charged on Wednesday afternoon with one count each of entering a restricted area, a federal offense with a maximum penalty of a year in prison and a possible fine.

Philadelphia Magazine adds that Sternberg arrived at the DNC a Bernie Sanders supporter but has switched her support to the Green Party’s Jill Stein. The following YouTube video features Sternberg giving her current views on the Democrat Party, and let’s just say there’s a strong language warning and leave it at that.

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