The public hears a lot about the millions of illegal immigrants “living in the shadows,” and almost all of the talk comes from illegal immigrants themselves, some of whom have built careers on documenting their experience being undocumented.

On Monday night, the Democrats found some of those DREAMers lurking in the shadows and put them in the spotlight at their convention. But how, exactly, does one come out of the shadows while simultaneously building a name as the country’s most famous illegal?

It looks like living in the shadows hasn’t had much of an influence on her activism.

Risked everything … except immigrating legally.

So not only did Astrid Silva emerge from the shadows as America’s most famous DREAMer, she’s also fearless and yet is afraid her family will be deported.

More precisely, the DNC is featuring the sweet, innocent children of illegal aliens. Also featured in the spotlight was Karla Ortiz, whom Abuela Hillary granted her personal protection during a totally spontaneous, unscripted moment at a town hall in Nevada that soon made it to the campaign’s YouTube account, putting Ortiz’s family at even greater risk of being identified and deported.