Gov. Chris Christie was a harsh critic of Sen. Ted Cruz’s speech Wednesday night at the RNC, but Christie himself was slammed from both sides of the aisle for his creepy “witch trial” of Hillary Clinton Tuesday night, inciting the crowd inside Quicken Loans Arena to chant, “Lock her up!”

If that chant gave the media and progressive observers the vapors, what effect would Thursday night’s chant of “all lives matter” have? Each Democratic candidate at one point was shamed into walking back claims that all lives matter, but Republicans just don’t learn, do they?

Arianna Huffington made the Christie connection pretty quickly.

Here’s a hot take from a New York Times reporter and MSNBC contributor who shows he really gets it.

Speaking of MSNBC, the takes are scorching.

Those poor widows and orphans. Even super-progressive Europe is beginning to rethink taking in millions of refugees.

Like calling someone a racist?

That should jump-start the meaningful dialogue.

Yeah, look out for that straw man someone left in the highway.

Stop the hate!

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